Inservice education for agricultural educators has been a part of the professional development efforts of the American Professional Partnership for Lithuanian Education (APPLE). A purpose of this study was to assess educators’ perceptions about the “usefulness” of topics presented during APPLE- sponsored inservice (i.e., “Ag Strands”), and to provide information for planning future programs. Data sources were educators in a one-week workshop at Kaunas and in a two-week workshop at Utena, Lithuania (N = 36). Participants rated the “usefulness” of topics: “4” = “Very Useful,”...”1” = “Not Useful.” Cronbach’s coefficient alpha reliability estimates for the instruments were .95 and .96. The overall mean ratings for topics by workshop group were 3.52 (Kaunas) and 3.44 (Utena)—halfway between “Somewhat...” and “Very Useful.” If multiple workshops are conducted again, with variant topics and presenters yet similar objectives, cross-case analysis of participants’ perceptions about the “usefulness” of topics should be performed.


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