A study was conducted to determine the specific components of international experience and involvement that lead to personal and professional effects among Extension professionals and near- associates. The variables were correlated to determine what factors were important in predicting self- assessed personal, family, and professional outcomes from the PAEP (Polish American Extension Project) experience.

This study revealed the importance of international involvement for enhancing globalization benefits among Extension professionals, colleagues, clientele, and family members. Those who have an opportunity to live and work in another country not only contribute to the development of that country, but they also contribute numerous mutual benefits within America, including greater international appreciation and integration of global components into ongoing educational programs. Lessons and practices were learned from this study that can lead to enhanced international outcomes across participants and near-associates based upon endeavors that are properly designed and implemented. Training is a critical component for maximizing overall benefits from international assignments, and it is necessary across three important junctures: before one goes (pre-training), while one is there (reinforcement), and after one returns (de-briefing).


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