The paper evaluated job characteristics of Extension Agents (EAs) of Enugu State Agricultural Development Project (ADP). Data for the study were collected from 60 EAs, using a structured questionnaire schedule. Data were analyzed through the use of frequency distribution, percentages and mean scores. The findings indicated that a greater proportion (58.3%) of the EAS were relatively young. About 68% of them were males and almost all (63.3%) of them were married. Not less than 67% of them attained B.Sc and /or M.Sc. certificates. Those that were on secondment (sent from the ministry of Agriculture to work with ADP for a period of time) from the Ministry of Agriculture accounted for only 18.3%. About 88% of the EAs had more than 6 years working experience. Their role within the organization was fairly clear ( = 4.1) to them, while majority of them perceived many of their professional routine duties as being fairly important ( = 3.9). Their working-time was spent on both agricultural and non-agricultural development activities. Much more time was spent on crop production. Majority of them perceived many of the 12 months in the year as being busy. The implications of the findings for necessary administrative actions by the agency (Enugu State ADP) were drawn.


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