Literature suggests that there is limited awareness and understanding of international concepts among high school and college students. This study assessed global awareness and understanding of 252 high school juniors and seniors who participated in the Pennsylvania Governor School for Agricultural Sciences (PGSAS) program during the years 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998. A survey on international concepts relative to agricultural policies and products, people and culture, world geography, and world organizations was developed. The survey was administered during a regular class period. Findings from this four-year study suggest that governor school scholars possess limited awareness and understanding about international concepts. However, scholars scored over 70 percent of the questions correct in the world geography section. In addition, scholars= scores on the survey for the four years did not show any marked difference. Overall, scholars answered only a little over one-half of the total questions correct. The results of this study have provided ample justification to hasten curricular changes relative to international education in our schools, colleges and universities.


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