A need exists to prepare future leaders to manage for a sustainable environment. Economic, ecological and social issues, global in scope, necessitate that managers of natural resources understand and address problems holistically. Environmental sustainability requires broad and long term perspectives. The internationalization of the Land Grant University (LGU) curriculum is an important mechanism for building the human capacity necessary to manage for a sustainable environment. This paper asks and discusses four questions: (1) Why is managing for a sustainable environment desirable? (2) Why are LGUs, in particular, the vehicle to achieve improved management for a sustainable environment? (3) Why is internationalization of LGUs important in achieving a sustainable environment? (4) Why is internationalizing the LGU curriculum so important? The paper concludes that although LGUs have made strides to internationalize research and extension, they have neglected curriculum. Internationalizing of curricula at LGUs remains a crucial step in preparing effective natural resource managers.


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