Consensus among researchers, extension workers and farmers regarding the attributes of a new pigeon pea cultivar was studied to better understand its low adoption by farmers in Trinidad and Tobago. Accuracy, congruency and agreement (indicators of consensus) were measured using Groot’s co-orientational framework (1970). Extension workers were more accurate and congruent than researchers in assessing what attributes farmers would consider to be important in a new cultivar. Extension workers link researchers and farmers, and should facilitate the continuing development and use of new pigeon pea cultivars.
Agreement, or similarity of views, regarding the cultivar’s attributes was not found among the three groups, due to differences between traditional views of farmers and the newer ideas of extension workers and researchers. Demonstrating the value of new technology through appropriate extension methods should help increase agreement.
Integrated, interactive involvement of researchers, extension workers and farmers should be a significant aspect of the development, transfer and use of pigeon pea technology.
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