This study investigated the perceptions of T&V Extension staff in Bangladesh concerning agricultural extension issues. Three-hundred and thirteen block supervisors, 54 Thana level officers, and 34 extension administrators of the Bangladesh Department of Agricultural Extension participated in the study. Forty agricultural extension issues in nine categories were explored. Thirty-six issues were considered serious. Some of the more serious issues were timely availability of production inputs; not enough vehicles for block supervisors; resources for applying technologies not available; capacity for disseminating technology to the intended audience; flow of information from research to extension; lack of performance appraisals for block supervisors; lack of periodic training; and frequent transfers of block supervisors. Dissimilarity between the perceptions of the three groups of personnel was noted on issues of farmers believing block supervisors lacked technical training; too few training institutions; block supervisors lacked periodic training; performance appraisals lacking for block supervisors; and frequent transfers of block supervisors. The study highlights significant challenges facing agricultural extension in Bangladesh. Continued improvement of communication links among the three levels of the extension system is necessary to meet these challenges.
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