The purpose of this study was to identify New Mexico State University, College of Agriculture and Home Economics, faculty motives and perceived barriers for participating in international activities. The study utilized descriptive survey methodology. An inter- departmental mail questionnaire measured participation motives with paired Likert-type items. Qualitative data on motives and barriers were also collected. Faculty were found to be motivated by intrinsic motives such as cognizance, exposition, similance, play, achievement, nurturance and affiliation. Barriers to participation were mostly extrinsic in nature (e.g., lack of time, lack of reward and lack of language skills). Faculty who were highly motivated to participate in international activities were significantly different from those who were less than highly motivated on seven motives, and overall motivation. The primary applications drawn from these results are to focus efforts to motivate faculty to participate internationally by satisfying intrinsic motives, while reducing extrinsic barriers.
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