From the Executive Editor

The end of the year is always a good time for reflection. As I look back at 2014, I am pleased by the quality of scholarship that continues to be shared in JIAEE. The addition of the hit counter is yielding valuable information about the articles that resonate with our readers and it is clear to see our readers value multiple forms of scholarship but particularly the scholarship of application and the scholarship of teaching and learning (Boyer, 1990). These values are strongly consistent with AIAAE’s focus on “developing new programs in agricultural and extension education and improving or strengthening existing programs and institutions of education to have a positive impact on development efforts worldwide” (AIAEE, 2014, Constitution preamble section, para. 1). I hope to see authors continue to advance our collective knowledge of best practices in the year ahead.

In 2014, the journal got a new online image as a part of a Web site overhaul led by Dr. Gary Wingenbach of Texas A&M University in collaboration with Dr. George Chronis of Cybersense (our Web provider). The new site is more visually appealing, easier to navigate, and hosts valuable information about our Association, annual conference, and JIAEE. On behalf of the editorial team, I’d like to thank Drs. Wingenbach and Chronis for their efforts to improve the online experience for AIAEE members and JIAEE readers.

Finally, I would like to recognize the significant loss we have experienced this year with the passing of Dr. Barnabis Dlamini. Dr. Dlamini was a long-time member of AIAEE, Outstanding Achievement Award winner, Editorial Board member, and accomplished scholar. Dr. Dlamini regularly attended the annual conference and was known for his good humor and infectious smile. Our thoughts continue to be with Dr. Marietta Dlamini and the Dlamini family.




Amy Harder
Executive Editor, JIAEE

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