From the Executive Editor

Have you noticed the new feature of the Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education? If nothing comes to mind, take a minute to visit one of our past issues. You will soon find one of the many improvements that were implemented in the Web redesign of the entire association site was the inclusion of a hit counter for each article. This now makes it possible for you, as authors and readers, to see what topics resonate with your colleagues. My hope is that you will find this feature useful as you consider future contributions to expand the scholarship of our journal.

Periodically, I have received questions about the page length requirements for manuscript submission. Comparable journals allow longer submissions. I recently put our all-inclusive twenty page requirement to our Editorial Board for a vote. The Board is in favor of maintaining our current policy and emphasized the need for authors to value clarity through brevity. As always, we will continue to consider issues that affect the quality of JIAEE and your experience as authors and readers.

I need to draw your attention to a related topic. JIAEE follows a published set of manuscript guidelines ( Everyone should review these periodically with a particular focus on understanding APA format for tables, in-text citations, and references. Doing so will remind reviewers of the standards to which we hold submissions, and will enable authors to more capably prepare a manuscript likely of being accepted right away. Your attention to these guidelines is appreciated.

Six feature articles are included in the second issue of Volume 21. I am pleased by the diversity represented. Five countries are covered in six articles: Ghana, Uganda, the Philipinnes, Mexico, and Iraq. These articles explore different methods of extension delivery and offer insight as to their success in the examined contexts. The sixth article explores the perceived benefits of AIAEE membership; I’m especially pleased to see the value placed on opportunities to publish in JIAEE. I hope you will enjoy reading this issue’s articles as much as I have.



Amy Harder

Executive Editor, JIAEE