A summative evaluation was conducted to determine the benefit and change resulting from a unique Internationalizing Extension Training Program (IETP). The program consisted of two introductory sessions, a ten-day onsite learning experience in Costa Rica and a follow-up reflection and planning session. Program participants included four extension agents, four county commissioners, four graduate students, one state extension specialist, and two program coordinators. The purpose of this evaluation was to determine how participants have changed behavior in their professional life, and; to determine change in attitudes toward international issues and internationalizing extension. In general, participants found the experience to enhance their world-view and influenced many of them to stay internationally engaged at some level. Commissioners also commented that by participating in the IETP, they realized the impact that Cooperative Extension has in Florida and the United States. As a result, they have supported increased funding for local extension and its services. Graduate students gained an understanding of ways to implement international components into their future careers and the importance of international professional involvement. Participants felt strongly that the IETP was very valuable as extension continues to change and adapt to the needs of local citizens, respond to the changing state demographics, and be a part of the national participation in international affairs.


Extension, Internationalizing Extension, Impact Evaluation, Personal and Professional Impact, Global Competence, Costa Rica, Florida


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