One of the many organizations dealing with the phenomenon of globalization is the U.S. Cooperative Extension System (CES). Initiatives are in process to internationalize extension with the goal of helping extension clientele prepare for life and work in an interdependent world. To equip CES communicators in effectively communicate the importance of internationalizing extension to extension personnel, the purpose of this study was to describe the attitudes and perceptions of extension agents with respect to initiatives to internationalize extension. Extension personnel throughout the United States were studied. A random sample was taken and 727 individuals responded for a 52.6% response rate. There were slightly more female respondents than male, with a mean age of 46.2 years. Most of the respondents were county extension agents. The majority of respondents indicate previous travel experience outside the United States. Respondents differed in their appreciation of the importance of internationalizing extension with respect to several factors, including gender, travel experience, and specialization. Based on the results of this study, CES communicators should consider developing targeted messages about internationalizing extension for different areas of extension, based on the needs of their clientele and their existing perceptions about internationalizing extension.

Keywords: Globalization, internationalization extension, perceptions, attitudes, experience


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