We live in a global society. Many researchers have suggested that undergraduate agriculture students be prepared to enter this global workforce. Study abroad and international travel have been suggested as ways for students to gain international experience, but these methods are expensive and limited to only a few students. The purpose of this study was to examine the feasibility and effectiveness of a virtual international experience for students in the college of agriculture. Eighty-three students completed an online simulation that placed them in the role of the owner of a small banana farm in rural Peru. Students who completed the assignment reflected that this was an “eye-opening” experience that gave them insight to the struggles for survival faced by people in developing countries. Students gained a new point-of- view regarding other cultures, as well as a greater appreciation for the privileges they enjoy living in a developed country. Students, who previously had not understood why the U.S. participated in development activities, are now advocates for helping developing nations overcome poverty.

Keywords: International, Agriculture, Undergraduates, Simulations, Virtual


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