This paper compares what we teach and what we publish in the field of agricultural and extension education as one step in the process of identifying cutting edge themes for inclusion in curricula. An analysis of content of existing undergraduate and graduate agricultural and extension education courses at 22 public universities in the United States was conducted in June, 2003, using course summary information available on university web sites. The identification of trends in articles published recently in the field of agricultural and extension education was also undertaken as a step toward understanding what topics and issues are on the frontier of the field. This review focused on literature from four influential journals in the field (The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education, Journal of Extension, and Journal of Agricultural Education) published from 1998- 2002. Titles and abstracts of 684 refereed articles were examined. Themes identified in this review were then compared with higher agricultural and extension education courses listed by selected U.S. universities. The paper concludes with recommendations for curricula based on the gap between these published themes and courses listed by universities.

Keywords: University Curriculum, Agricultural Education, Extension Education, Journal Analysis


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