Students’ satisfaction and academic performance are important determinants of a student continuance/persistence and attrition. The association between performance and students’ satisfaction was under focus in the study. Sample included 320 final year agricultural programme students of the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, in the southwest Nigeria. Adopting the motivator-hygiene theory, the two facets of students’ satisfaction determined through principal component analysis were labeled “satisfiers” and “dissatisfiers”. “Dissatisfiers” were the situational factors in the college environment and “satisfiers” referred to students’ personal disposition toward the academic programme. Two-stage least squares regression results showed that satisfaction and performance of the students were unrelated, but there was a bivariate association between “dissatisfiers” and performance. Administrative action needs to consider the provision of high quality and experienced faculty for the institution, and enabling students to have access to a wide variety of courses that are deemed beneficial to their vocational skill.

Keywords: Academic Performance, Program Satisfaction, Agriculture Trainees, Nigeria


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