The development of agricultural biotechnology has proceeded amidst public controversy over the ethics of genetic modification of crops. The role of extension traditionally has been to provide research-based information to clientele on agricultural issues. This paper reviews a case study on the Florida Education Initiative for Agricultural Biotechnology (FEIAB) project. The project was initiated with a needs assessment of domestic and international extension stakeholders in 2001 in the area of agricultural biotechnology. Based on the assessment and related literature, a web site was developed to provide extension and the public with information on issues surrounding agricultural biotechnology.

The results of this study described how the Web could be utilized to provide biotech education materials that can serve the needs of domestic and international extensionists. In addition, assessment revealed that there were significant differences between domestic and international stakeholders with respect to understanding, training and view of extension’s role in biotechnology public education.

Keywords: Agricultural Biotechnology, Needs Assessment, Extension’s Role


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