The main purpose of this study was to determine contributions adult volunteer leadersmake to 4-H and the principal factors influencing adult volunteer leadership inLouisiaana. A random sample of 218 adult volunteer 4-H leaders from 10 selectedLouisiana parishes were the participants of this study. The data collection instrumentwas pre-tested for reliability and yielded a .96 Cronbach’s Alpha internal consistencycoefficient for its scale items. Data collection was completed in November 1999. Thestudy found that leaders’ contributions to 4-H program in Louisiana show similarity withthe average US volunteer 4-H leader in terms of miles driven in a personally owned carand personal money spent for 4-H. However, in terms of hours spent for 4-H volunteertasks in a year, the average Louisiana volunteer 4-H leader spent less time than theaverage US volunteer 4-H leader. The study showed that a profile of the Louisiana 4 -Hvolunteer leader is a married woman, 31-50 years of age, a school teacher, with anaverage of 1.29 children in 4-H. The study found that the initial and continuingmotivators that influenced volunteers to become 4-H leaders initially and to continueserving in the same position were mainly concentrated on “affiliation,” “achievement,”and “altruism.” Respondents who received an orientation program before initiatingvolunteer service found it useful. They basically do not volunteer for the sake ofrecognition but for youth. They receive adequate recognition and support for theirvolunteer service.

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