The purpose of this paper is to describe and document the methods, funding, and impact fromcollaborative initiatives between Michigan State University, The Republic of Ireland, includingUniversity College Dublin, Teagasc (the Irish Extension Service), and the Department ofAgriculture and Rural Development in Northern Ireland.Underlying successful multi-country programs are threads that blossom, prosper, and build uponeach other. One of those threads is the realization that all parties can learn from each other,and benefit from cooperative programming. Through the many visits to and from MichiganState University, the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland from 1990 to the present, theimportance of agriculture and rural development to all three economies and the desire to learnfrom each other has built the base from which cooperative programs have emerged.This cooperation has lead to hundreds of university faculty, students, community leaders, andagribusiness representatives traveling to and interacting and learning from each other whilebuilding lifelong linkages. These programs of outreach and scholarly activities have built upontheir success and opened doors for additional programs and cooperation. Although no largegrant was ever generated, together, these programs have generated over one million dollars offunding from the participants and a multitude of interested sponsors.

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