This paper presents findings that are part of a larger impact evaluation currently beingundertaken on a USDA technical assistance program, the Cochran Fellowship Program.Specifically examined in this study are self-reported participant professional andorganizational outcomes that correspond to the Cochran Program objectives. Indicators forthe seven outcomes examined were developed and a survey instrument was designed.Cochran Program participants from three counties in the Newly Independent States were thepopulation sample (N = 151). Advantageous to this study is the excellent response rate(98%). The Cochran Program had an impact on participant’s professional andorganizational knowledge and skills, attitudes, continued contacts, job changes,organizational changes, and trade-related activities. Governmental, public, and privateorganizations developing or managing international short-term training programs shouldfind this study useful. Agricultural and extension educators engaged in internationaldevelopment can learn from the findings in designing and evaluating technical assistanceprograms.

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