The unrealized potential increase in rice production in Pakistan may be the result of notapplying recommended technology. The primary purpose of this study was to identifyLarkana district farmers’ use of recommended technology for rice production. A survey of150 randomly drawn rice farmers (92% of land in rice) was conducted using professionalenumerators (8% probability of error). Between 73% and 84.5% of the farmers reportedapplying an appropriate rate of plowings, seed, fertilizer, and irrigation, suggesting that aneed to disseminate appropriate technology information exists. Farmers (62.2%) reportedthat conferences were the most beneficial method of instruction. Radio was rated as the mostsatisfactory source of information for rice production followed by agricultural extensionagents. Farmers (63.5%) valued extension agent farm visits as a service that should beperformed. Approximately 25% of farmers rated improving agricultural education programsand access to loan facilities as priorities in planning for improved rice production.

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