Heifer International is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that works to alleviate povertyand hunger and to restore the environment by providing appropriate livestock, training, andrelated services to small-scale farmers worldwide. Heifer International helps communities uselivestock as an integral component of sustainable agriculture, environmental improvement, andholistic development. The basic unit of Heifer’s work is a community-level project. Eachproject is shaped and guided by the expressed needs and interests of the people who participate inthe project. Project participants are encouraged to examine their progress throughout the projectcycle. Project self-review and planning (PSRP) is a fundamental aspect of Heifer’s partnershipwith local community groups. PSRPs are facilitated annually as part of regular projectmanagement to assess how the projects are evolving relative to their goals, aspirations, andpriorities. All project members participate in the PSRP.

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