Brazil is going through major changes in the agriculture sector of the country. Vast amountsof land are being uprooted from pasture and forest land to crop ground for soybeanproduction, irrigation systems are being designed, American farmers are investing money inland for farming purposes, and large scale equipment is needed for planting and harvest. Isthe infrastructure of the country and rural Brazil going to be able to adapt to these changes?Risk management educational programs in the United States have gained momentum asagriculture has been caught in the crosswinds of change. Some of these changes includeopening of foreign borders, introduction and application of global markets, volatility ofmarkets, access to capital, age of producers and many others (Mickelsen, 2001). Do thesesame problems and concerns exist in Brazil? Are educational programs dealing with riskmanagement issues needed in Brazil? If so, how do we as educators and professionalsaddress the issues? And, how do we educate so producers receive a meaningful andbeneficial education?

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