As the world population continues to grow geometrically, great pressure is being placed on arableland, and biological resources to provide an adequate supply of food while maintaining the integrityof our ecosystem. There has been growing concern about the environmental and health risksassociated with modern agriculture. Overuse and persistent application of chemical fertilizers andinsecticide beyond the recommended dosage adversely affected the Sustainability of Farming System(SFS). Agricultural systems have to not only produce crops, but they must also produce food that issafe to eat, and minimize ecological impacts. Within this framework establishing sustainableagricultural system is much more difficult than it would first seem. Environmental scientists givethree criteria for sustainable agriculture. 1) It must feed the world's hungry today. 2) It must feed theworld's hungry tomorrow. 3) It must prevent deterioration of soil and water. Sustainable agriculturalpractices facilitate SFS that help maintain environmental ecosystem diversity.

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