Iowa State University and the Department of Agricultural Education and Studies (AgEds) provide a unique teaching and learning opportunity for senior level students. The Ag450 farm and the AgEds 450 course were developed to provide students the opportunity to manage and operate a typical farming operation as part of a capstone course in AgEds. This type of teaching and learning provides students the opportunity to become involved in all facets of the farm as a means of learning about management and operations. Problem-solving and decision-making skills are the primary focus of the curriculum as students become involved in several committee projects. The curriculum includes on-farm lecture/discussions, on-farm laboratory, business meetings, experiential learning and strategic issues. Oral and written class reports and discussions are used to understand the various information and situations. The Ag450 farm hosts several international visitors each year that want to understand more about this type of learning situation and what a typical Iowa farm is like. They can identify the benefits but also explain a variety of factors that may limit the development and success of this teaching situation in their teaching and educational environment.

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