Increase in cropping intensity with inefficient and indiscriminate use of agrochemical and counting of crops like wheat, paddy, cotton and sugarcane have resulted in accentuating the area under problematic soils and in disturbing hydrological balance. Natural resource base is continually under a state of stress and degradation due to efforts for boosting agricultural production. Further to increase food and non-food output with mounting pressure of population, we are intending towards unprincipled use of scarce and precious natural resources, which are indispensable for our socio-economic development and environmental soundness. Declining soil fertility, organic matter loss, water induced, land degradation, declining water table, increasing nitrate content in groundwater, hazardous residual content in food and fodder chain, and severe problem of insect-post and decreases caused threat to sustainability of agriculture. This has created a threat to sustainability of agriculture. To find solution of these losses, scientists all over the world are looking for organic farming as a best alternative.

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