One of the major challenges facing young people in Ghana is unemployment. The situation applies to uneducated and educated groups alike. Currently unemployment rate of young people between 15 and 24 years of age is 15.9% with an estimated number of 1.2% new entrants to the labor market annually (Ghana Country Report on unemployment, 2002). These makes unemployment in the age group 15 – 24 years more than twice of that of 25 – 44 age groups and three times that of 45 – 60 age groups. Unemployment in Ghana has therefore been described as a youthful phenomenon (Ghana Country Report on unemployment, 2002). Within the Government, the Ministry of Youth and Sports coordinates the national youth policy of Ghana in cooperation with other youth serving ministries and youth organizations such as the National Youth Organizing Commission, Youth Development and Aged Welfare Foundation, Ghana Youth Business Trust and the Yes Country Networks. However, Youth employment policies in Ghana, does not directly connect youth education with their employment. Since about 70% of Ghana workforce is employed by the agricultural sector, it seems only reasonable that agricultural education in Ghana should be streamlined and empowered to adequately prepare the youth to take advantage of the many opportunities that exist or that can be created for agricultural occupations and professional careers.

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