(and at the same time, similar) dilemmas: How to increase interest in and about agriculture among non-agriculture students, how to promote global awareness and understanding among agriculture students, and how to foster interdisciplinarity in our educational system.

To increase interest in a subject, educators need to find an appropriate interest approach, teachable moment, or a context that could motivate students. To promote global awareness, instructors need to help students connect and apply global issues to their environment, prior knowledge, and interests. Finally, to foster student ability to link between disciplines, one needs to pose complex, real-world problems for which all areas of study can claim to be fundamental ingredients toward finding a solution, but not a single one offer a valid solution in isolation.

The purpose of this carousel is to discuss and demonstrate the value of “hunger issues” as a teaching tool to motivate students to study agriculture-related subjects, to internationalize agricultural education programs, and to help students – and maybe educators – make connections between disciplines.

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