From the Executive Editor

I am pleased to present volume 24, issue 3 of the Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education. I hope you find these articles on farmers, journalists, extension faculty and systems to be informative and interesting. I am continually amazed at the diversity of agricultural and extension education scholarship that is conducted around the world.

As a journal, we have challenges as we move forward. The JIAEE faces some of the same threats as other journals that are not indexed or have impact factors. We have come to a point where we specifically need some authors and reviewers cited in high impact journals which are indexed in Academic Analytics.

There are tools to help us widen our scholarly reach such as, Open Researcher and Contributor Identification (ORCID) and SCOPUS. ORCID provides researchers identifiers that differentiates them from peers by connecting a researcher’s professional accomplishments including grant and manuscript submissions to increase awareness of the researcher’s scholarship. SCOPUS claims to be the largest database for citation and abstract peer-reviewed scientific literature. The database has tremendous opportunities for scholars to inform other scholars. Google Scholar Profile and ResearchGate Profile are two opportunities for researchers to inform the broader scholarly community of respective scholarship. Reaching these new heights may require a full- time journal editor, removal of the book review, and tools for the profession sections from the JIAEE. I am sure these conversations will continue to evolve.

Do not forget to submit your work to the JIAEE for review. If you had a presentation accepted to the 2018 AIAEE conference in Merida, Mexico, expand that submission into a JIAEE submission. The editorial team enjoys the diverse amount of scholarship that is submitted to the journal on a regular basis. Submission guidelines are located at: The profession wants to learn how you are working to advance agriculture and extension education.

I have been blessed and honored to serve as Executive Editor of the JIAEE for the past two years. This is my last issue as my time in this role has come to an end. The opportunity to work with authors and reviewers has been gratifying and helped me grow professionally. The JIAEE will be in the very capable hands of Dr. Kris Hains at the University of Kentucky, USA.
Thank you for the opportunity and I look forward to seeing you all in Merida, Mexico at the 2018 AIAEE conference!





Robert Strong Jr.

Executive Editor, JIAEE