The Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education (JIAEE) is the official refereed publication of the Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education (AIAEE). The purpose of the JIAEE is to enhance the research and knowledge base of agricultural and extension education from an international perspective.

Articles intended for publication should focus on international agricultural education and/or international extension education. Articles should relate to current or emerging issues, cite appropriate literature, and develop implications for international agricultural and extension education. Manuscripts, or portions of manuscripts, must not have been published or be under consideration for publication by another journal.

Four types of articles are solicited for the JIAEE: Feature Articles; Commentary Articles; Tools of the Profession Articles; and Book Reviews.


Feature Articles

Feature articles focus on the research or evaluation of the theoretical, methodological, and/or practical application of agricultural and extension education, with a preference for articles focused on current and emerging issues. Feature articles must be of interest to agricultural and extension education professionals worldwide. For publication in the JIAEE, feature articles must pass the JIAEE’s double blind, referee process, where peer reviewers evaluate manuscript content and ensure readability. Reviewers are selected from the AIAEE membership. In the double blind, referee process, all references to authors are removed before the manuscript is sent to reviewers. Feature Articles may be submitted for peer review a total of three times before they are no longer acceptable for publication in the JIAEE.


Commentary Articles

Commentary articles state an opinion, offer a challenge, or present a thought-provoking idea on an issue of concern to international agricultural and extension education, including a published article in the JIAEE. These articles are invited by the editors


Tools of the Profession and Book Review Articles
Tools of the Profession articles report specific techniques, materials, books and technologies that can be useful for agricultural and extension educators in a global context and/or in a country/region. Book reviews provide insight on current books related to international agricultural education.

Subscription Rates

The JIAEE is distributed to individual members for $70/year; library/subscription agency rates are $150/year. Subscriptions may be acquired online through the "Subscribe" link. Please visit the JIAEE Web site and the AIAEE Web site.


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